MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men Review

MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men Review

MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men Overview

As we get older, maintaining muscle that is lean becomes harder and harder.

The problem with that is that it’s a cycle that is vicious.

Lean muscle causes a higher rate of metabolism than fat, so the less you have, the slower your metabolism, and the slower your metabolism, the more fat you store, and the more fat you store, the slower your metabolism, and it goes on and on.

A body with less fat and more lean muscle is simply a fitter, healthier, more machine that is smoothly running. It’s the goal.

MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men is one way to help reach that goal.

It works on the premise that aiding the retention of lean muscle shall help you burn more fat and keep your weight down, your energy up, and your goals within reach.

MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men Ingredients and How They Work

24b - MMUSA Ultra-Thermo

The MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men formula includes:

• Creatine HCL which provides energy to your muscles so they can work harder and get stronger, leaner, and more efficient as fat burners.

• Coenzyme A which accelerates metabolism that is fat improves the uptake of the rest of the ingredients.

• Trehalose which is a fast metabolizing sugar to provide energy that is quick.

• Guarana Extract which contains caffeine for mental awareness, increased endurnance nad metabolism that is fat and increased energy.

• L-Carnitine which facilitates the transport of fatty acids to cells for energy production.

• Gotu Kola Extract which increases circulation for better energy and also has properties that are anit-inflammatory.

• Methyxanthine which is a stimulant to keep your energy up.

The recommended dose is a 5 ml serving of the strawberry flavored serum once a to help keep muscles strong and target hard to lose belly fat day.

MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men Pros and Cons

Advantages of MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men

• It comes in serum form for guys who don’t want to take pills.

• It approaching weight loss and fitness from a different direction than most, through the mechanism of building and retaining muscle mass that is lean.

• There’s a money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men

• The money back guarantee involves a restocking fee.

• There are no MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men reviews from customers who’ve used it to help determine whether or not it works.

• It’s pretty expensive.

Where to Buy

You can purchase MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men through the MMUSA website or a few other retailers that are online.

The 30 serving bottle sells at the website for $59.99.

24c - MMUSA Ultra-Thermo


MMUSA may be on to something here creatine that is– using a weight loss aid.

I know people who’ve approached weight loss that way with some success that is real.

The only real issue I have that we don’t know enough about whether or not this particular formula in MMUSA Ultra-Thermo for Men works with it is.

It would help if there were some customer reviews, but unfortunately, there aren’t.

And for $60, I’d rather have a little more assurance.