NitroCut Review – My Real Results

NitroCut Review – My Real Results

This is a review.

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You are in for a real treat if you have been searching around for an effective Pre Workout supplement , but are undecided on which one to get.

I recently had a chance to try a product out called Nitrocut, which is specifically designed to give you explosive gains in strength and endurance, as well as enhance lean muscle mass and libido.

We have seen hundreds of these pre workout supplements, and Nitrocut is by far the most effective at producing results, all while staying within anyone’s budget that is modest.

Read more about how nitrocut works, whether or not it has side effects, the ingredients, and what makes this pre that is particular supplement different from the others.

But first, take a look at my results from taking it below.

My Nitrocut Results

Both on the court and off as a pretty active guy, I am always looking for something that will give me an increase in my stamina and endurance.

I was reading through some nitrocut reviews on a health that is men’s, and decided to give it a try.

2b - NitroCut Review

I originally got 3 bottles of Nitrocut, as well as a testosterone booster called Testofuel, and decided to cycle them for 4 weeks on, and 2 weeks off in between. The results I saw were nothing like the ones I saw from using other Nitric Oxide Boosters, and I felt an impact that is immediate my overall ability to workout longer and harder.

I originally weighed in at close to 200 pounds when I first started taking Nitrocut, and after about a week of being I saw an immediate decrease in my fat storage on it.

I could tell this because my friends were commenting on how much slimmer I looked.

They commented specifically on my waist and my lower back, which originally had some love handles.

By the end of the first month, so I had only a net loss of 2 pounds, but the results looked amazing if I had to guess I lost about 8 pounds of fat, but packed on 10 pounds of muscle.

After 4 weeks, I felt like a man that is completely transformed but also realized I had more potential.

I decided to take a 2 week break so it again to see what the results would be that I could “retrain” my system and start taking.

I started taking it again, and it felt exactly the same as for the first time if I was taking it.

The burst that is same of, the same decreased recovery times, and the same results.

All in all, I ended up losing 15 pounds after taking both for 3 months.

Check out my before and after photo’s from taking Nitrocut and Testofuel below:

In summary, the benefits for me from taking Nitrocut were:

• more workout that is prolonged

• Faster recovery times in between workouts

• More Energy for the Gym

• Increased Lean Muscle Mass Dramatically

• Increased Libido

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What is Nitrocut?

Developed by a company of the name that is same Nitrocut is an all natural dietary supplement designed as a pre workout booster.

It uses a wide variety of highly potent ingredients to help you achieve muscle that is sustainable, as well as increased pump and endurance.I originally came across Nitrocut while reviewing a similar product in this category, called Force Factor.

There are a variety of benefits to Nitrocut’s that is using formula opposed to the competitions.

For one, it contains a level that is high of L-Arginine (about 3,000 mg per dose).

For the person that is average there is no need to take additional arginine, because it is already produced in the body.

However, serious athletes and bodybuilders have been using L-Arginine based supplements for years to help sculpt an physique that is amazing.

How Does Nitrocut Work?

Based on years of research in the field, and experiences that are personal products such as Nitrocut, the way it works is to help as a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) Production, which is necessary for the synthesis of creatine .

This NO production allows for the blood vessels to relax, increasing blood circulation, which will lead to increased recovery time after a workout, resistance to muscle fatigue, and increase muscular work output.This is not something that happens overnight, and you need to cycle Nitrocut for several months to see the full benefits of NO production.

The thing that is good that this process is totally natural, and does not show up on any drug screening tests.

It also contains Rasberry Ketone, which has been featured on the Dr. Oz show to help in your weight loss efforts.

What Makes Nitrocut Different?

Here’s a picture of the label

What sets Nitrocut apart from the competition is an assortment of things.

Apart from the quality that is high blend in Nitrocut, it also contains powerful strength boosters such as tribulus terrestris, Fenugreek extract, Eurycoma Longifolia extract, and Avena sativa.

These are actually very ingredients that are strong in severalmale enhancement supplements , so you will also have the added benefit of increased libido from taking Nitrocut.

It also contains Vitamins B6 and B12, which are the primary ingredients used in many energy that is common.

This formula that is revolutionary designed specifically to help you workout harder, recover faster, and give you that ripped body you’ve always been looking for.

What’s even more important is that it does NOT contain any stimulants that are dangerous Yohimbe ,DMAA , or others.

Supplements that contain these ingredients not only produce side effects, but in some full cases can be deadly (see below).

Frequently Asked Questions About Nitrocut

Question: I never tried pre workout supplements, but your #1 Nitrocut sounds good, so, I would like to know what would be the best to take post workout if I take that before workout?

I am not going for size (maybe a little), just definition. I am 37 at 6’2″ and 180lbs.

Answer: I agree about Nitrocut.

It’s really effective and without stimulants, so you don’t have to worry about side effects like jitters or crash.

The directions say you should take 2-4 capsules about 45 minutes before working out and or before meals as for dose and timing.

I usually start with the low end of the recommendation that is dosing adjust from there.

Can women use Nitrocut?

Absolutely, in fact it’s recommended for both men AND women. The ingredients in Nitrocut are not specifically formulated to any gender, and women should see the benefits that are same using it.

Nitrocut Pro’s and Con’s

There are some differences that are major Nitrocut and the competition, which we have listed below.

However, we have decided to give you our opinion of the con’s and pro’s of taking Nitrocut.


• High Quality Formula

• Has added energy ingredients that are creating don’t have

• Produced results that are great our personal use

• Cheaper than the competition

• no trial scam that is free


• Cannot buy Nitrocut in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, or other chains that are retail

• The pills smell like curry

How Does Nitrocut Compare To Other Nitric Oxide Boosters?

We have tested out products that are similar such as Ripfire, Xtreme NO, and Force Factor, and many of them worked for the first few days, but then we saw a decrease in their potency just a few days later.

I think alot of that had to do with the known fact that they do not contain any stimulants like NitroCut does, such as Vitamin B6 and B12.

Also, many of the competing products cost alot more, and don’t even offer discounts order.With Nitrocut, a one month supply is only $50, and the price goes down dramatically when you order larger quantities if you order larger quantities.For example, if you buy Force Factor from their official site, it costs a solid $70 per bottle, no matter how much you.

Nitrocut Vs Force Factor

I’ve tried both Force Factor 1 and 2, and the version that is first nothing for me, while their follow up seemed to only help slightly.

A one month supply of Nitrocut costs $50, while a one month supply of Force Factor 2 will run you $70, a pretty difference that is big biggest differences I noticed between Nitrocut and Force Factor, other than the price, was the effectiveness.

I MAYBE dropped a couple of pounds, but I didn’t feel anything major, unlike with Nitrocut while I was on Force Factor.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others I’ve spoken to, Force Factor is simply overrated and over priced.

They have a very marketing that is large, and you will see their ads everywhere.

This may bump up points in the popularity contest, but in the final end you want something that works, right?

Not just something that is being “trumped up” as the miracle muscle building pill that is next.

Nitrocut Vs. NO Xplode

NO Explode is no doubt one of the most talked about pre workout supplements on the market, and for good reason, because it works.

I have personally used it a bunch of times, and can attest to it’s effectiveness.

Aside from the taste that is horrible my opinion, it gives you great, solid energy for the gym, and starts working really fast.

My issue that is biggest with NO Xplode is its just a bit inconvenient.

In it(about 200 mg for one serving) if I want to take it later at night, I usually have trouble sleeping because of all of the caffeine.

I also get the rise that is typical crash that you’ll get from pre workout supplements that contain stimulants, with that weird jittery feeling you get before and after your lift.

Nitrocut Vs Jack3D

Jack3D is another pre I have tried, and I can also attest to it’s effectiveness.

It gives you great, long lasting energy quickly, and works very well to help give you that pumped and jacked look your going for.

However, just like with NO Xplode, it contains stimulants, so you get that worn down feeling once you come off of it.

Also, Jack3d contains a stimulant called 1,3 Dimethylanylamine, which is a VERY substance that is controversial is on the verge of becoming banned by the FDA. This central nervous system stimulant can cause a wide array of side effects, including heart palpitations, headaches, and even some deaths have been reported with it use that is’s.

Nitrocut doesn’t contain any stimulants like this, which is why I ALWAYS recommend it over the use of pre workout supplements like Jack3d and NO Xplode.

2c - NitroCut Review

Where Can I Buy Nitrocut?

The only place you can buy Nitrocut is on their official website at this time.

The price for a one month supply is $49.99, and this includes shipping that is free the US and is backed by a 35 day money back guarantee.


I am very happy it says it is going to do that I finally came across an effective pre workout supplement that actually does what.

There are not too many of these supplements that can honestly say that they will produce results that are meaningful but Nitrocut is definitely one of them.

The fact into a free trial program speaks highly of the company, and they even issue a full refund within 30 days of ordering, so there is practically no risk to ordering that they don’t suck you.

I highly recommend that that you get at least a two months supply of it to get the best results if you do order Nitrocut.