Size Slim Pre Workout Review

Size Slim Pre Workout Review

Editors Note: I received a bottle that is free of supplement from Size Slim, however i was NOT paid for this review.

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When a supplement is owned by you review site as large as, You get a complete lot of requests from companies to review their supplements.

Most of the time I am just completely inundated with these requests, and in many cases I just turn the offer down because I’m too busy.

This wasn’t the full case with Size Slim…one of the owners, a man named Roger Bowman, contacted me directly and asked if I would give their supplements a shot.

Since I’m always on the lookout for the latest and pre workout supplements that are greatest and fat burners, I agreed to give it a try.

So how does this pre workout supplement stack up against the others, and more importantly, how well does it work? Read on to find my experience out.

What is Size Slim Pre Workout?

The Size Slim pre workout formula is made up of typical ingredients find that is you’d a lot of other pre’s.

For one there’s L-Arginine, which is an acid that is amino helps to facilitate the process of vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels.

During this process, nutrients are theoretically delivered through the bloodstream more efficiently, and is directly responsible for that “vascular” / veiny look you get when you take a pre workout supplement containing it.

As expected, Size Slim pre workout also contains a number of stimulants, including caffeine andsynephrine HCL.

The caffeine content is 180 mg per serving, which is about the equivalent to a cup and a half of good, strong coffee.

The focus / concentration inducing ingredients appear to be beta-alanine, CDP Choline , and Vinpocetine for it’s ability to help improve blood flow to the brain.

The suggested use is 1 level scoop mixed in water, 30 min. prior to beginning your workout.

My results that are personal

Since taking pre-workout supplements is nothing new I knew what kind of results to expect and as a result, whether or not to put Size Slim in the good, bad, or decent category for me.

I’m happy to report that this one is DEFINITELY in the category that is“Great.

3b - Size Slim Pre Workout Review

The thing that is first noticed about Size Slim pre workout was the taste…it was GREAT!

Alot of pre workout powders leave you with that that is chalky aftertaste, but not this one.

I felt as I know like I was drinking a Lipton raspberry / lemonade drink, which by the way is the only flavor Size Slim makes to date as far.

I could definitely feel the energy start to kick in about 20 – 30 min. after drinking it, and hopped in the gym for a leg workout that is quick.

I was sort of in a rush, so this was “supposed” to be a 30 min. Squat session that is/ deadlift that was ALL.

After pressing out a few sets of squats, I could tell that I was able to squeeze a couple out more reps then normal.

The thing that is next knew I had this ridiculous SURGE of energy coursing through my body.

I was hit by it like a freight train, and what was supposed to be a 30 min. Workout turned into almost an full hour and a half workout.

My legs were shaking so bad when I finished I had to sit in my car for about 10 min. before I could even attempt to drive.

One thing I want to note is that you should NOT take this late in the day.

The time that is third dosed with the Size Slim pre workout formula it was about 5:30 in the afternoon, and I had a REALLY hard time falling asleep that night.

I suggest that you don’t take this within 6 hours of your typical bedtime, otherwise you might be staring at the ceiling for a few hours if you workout later in the day.

Where To Buy

You can purchase the Size Slim pre workout formula on their official website,

A one month supply (30 servings) will run you about $59.99, however, they do offer a substantial discount of 25% that you receive a fresh tub of their product when you need it if you enroll in there monthly subscription service.This will ensure.

As of this review it’s not available in any stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens / CVS, but I’ll keep you posted if that changes.


• Fast acting, could literally feel the effects kicking in within 20 min.

• Gave me sustained, lasting energy and focus for my workouts

• Tastes Great!

• No awful effects that are come-down

• No increase in anxiety, which is typical in alot of stimulant-based pre workout supplements

• No sugar, creatine free


• Not sold in stores

• A bit on the side that is expensive $59.99 per tub

3c - Size Slim Pre Workout Review


All in all, I think the Size Slim pre workout formula is a winner.It packs a punch that is serious get you primed and ready to have a kick ass workout, and doesn’t have that awful “come-down” feeling you get with alot of other preworkout supplements.

With the added focus / concentration you get from the CDP Choline and Vinpocetine, it also seems to act as a very nootropic that is healthy well.