Sytropin HGH Real Review and Results

Sytropin HGH Real Review and Results

Note: This is a review.

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We have been reading up lately on alot of different HGH products, and the most one that is recent came across is called Sytropin.

You might have already heard of it before, and possibly have even been taking it.

Well, we decided to order a trial that is free of hgh supplement, and put it to the test to see if there claims made any sense.

What is Sytropin HGH?

According to the website that is official Sytropinis a Human Growth Hormone spray, which is 100% FDA compliant, and is available without a prescription.

But is it really growth hormone, I mean, is growth that is n’t illegal for sale in the US?

Well, there is a very explanation that is interesting all of that, but we will get to that later.

There are a number of claims about HGH supplements that will make your head literally spin.

They include the ability to help you look and feel younger, build muscle, increase bone density, enhance system that is immune reduce wrinkles, help you sleep better, give you a better mood, increase energy levels, increase libido and performance, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Whew!!! It was thought by me would never end either!

This product does practically everything except treat and cure cancer!

Isn’t Growth Hormone Illegal Without A Prescription?

This is where the line that is thin to get a little thinner when it comes to Sytropin.

They label the product as a “human growth hormone”, but according to sources that are several it is illegal to sell growth hormone without a prescription.

Well, Sytropin has figured out a real way around this by marketing what is called an hgh releaser. What is an releaser that is hgh you ask?

Well, normal growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, which is located near the center of the brain.

The pituitary gland produces its own growth hormone, and is responsible for giving us the natural growth spurts we encounter through puberty during our adolescent years.

As we get older, this gland produces LESS growth hormone naturally, and is supposed to be attributed to aging.

So what essentially Sytropin is supposed to do is help “encourage” the gland that is pituitary produce more of it’s own HGH, which leads to this so called “age reversing” mechanism.

So Did Sytropin Work For Me?

Well, to start, I am a naturally healthy 30 year male that is old exercises regulary, and eats normally.

I do drink occasionally, but do not smoke or do drugs at all.

I could stand to lose about 10 pounds, and I do have a wrinkles that are few on my forehead from years of exposure to the sun.

The directions on the Sytropin bottle state “take 2 sprays under the tongue in the and 4 sprays before bedtime. morning” Your also supposed to avoid foods that are taking liquids for 20 minutes after use.

Now, Sytropin states for 3 months or more, but unfortunately all I had was this free trial that you will get the best results from taking it.

The week that is first definitely noticed a difference in my sleeping patterns, most notably I was waking up feeling more refreshed.

I made no noticeable change in my diet or exercise so as to not skew the results from taking Sytropin.

I did go to the gym a few more times than normal that but I think that is because of the increase in energy week.

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Pro’s about Sytropin:

• Gave me more energy for the gym

• Improved my quality of sleep

• Lost 5 pounds over a 10 time period day

• My skin seemed more radiant, and looking that is youthful

Con’s About Sytropin

• It tastes horrible

• Only used for 2 weeks

• Did not notice a change in wrinkles

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I recommend signing up for the Sytropin Free Trial if you have been thinking about trying an HGH supplement, but never had the money to do so.

If you find that it works right for you while I think everyone responds differently to these products, it is well worth it.

I would highly recommend that you also combine this therapy with a diet that is healthy exercise to get the best results.